Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. As everyone's time is valuable these days, I appreciate the gesture you've made by showing interest in my portfolio.

On this site, you will find reference material to my cumulative experience as a developer and technician. In the download section is a copy of my most current resume. There will also be applications, utilities, freeware, or other items I may wish to share on a professional level with others.

The portfolio section contains works derived from tasks assigned to me at various jobs through the years. Everything listed in the portfolio was created entirely by me unless otherwise noted. The portfolio is not everything I've created through my years, merely a glimpse into a portion of work I produced. The intent of the portfolio section is to provide a visual example of the hard work and determination common in my daily efforts.

While I am not often looking for a new fulltime job, I am currently in need of a full-time position. If you like what you see at this site, please feel free to contact me. I've provided my contact information to the right of this letter and am always interested in hearing what propositions others may have for me.

Once again, thank you for your time, and please enjoy the rest of the site.


Jimmy De La Garza